Early Intervention

Early Intervention Makes A Difference

Diabetes Life Coach empowers people with tools, coaching and support to self-manage their health, enhancing their quality of life, improving health outcomes and lowering the cost of care. Our unique combination of smart technology and expert coaching provides a highly personalized experience that encourages positive long lasting behavior change.

Built By The Best

Diabetes Life Coach is designed and built by physicians, healthcare providers, certified diabetic educators, payers, certified dieticians, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals with type 2 diabetes and/or pre-diabetes.

We Understand You

As healthcare providers, we already have enough on our plate every day. Adding one more task is taxing and usually counterproductive. At the same time, we do want more effective and efficient ways to deliver quality healthcare to our patients.

Keeping This Simple

The patient’s health information allows the physician to track the patient’s condition over time. The physician can view all the health data that Diabetes Life Coach has collected on a patient outcome chart, via the Diabetes Life Coach physician web portal. Patients may view their own progress on personalized patient outcome charts through the Diabetes Life Coach patient portal and mobile app.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We give you a solution that allows you to engage your patients at the point of diagnosis and beyond. Using world-class design, personal health coaching, and the integration of web, mobile and smart devices, Diabetes Life Coach uses an innovative approach that combines impactful patient education and user friendly technology necessary to achieve positive lasting change.

Scalable, Data-Driven Education & Coaching

Diabetes Life Coach’s platform gives at-risk and diagnosed individuals in-office diabetes education and an ongoing structured behavior-change program to follow:

In The Office & At The Point Of Diagnosis

Diabetes Life coach delivers an in-office patient interactive video education platform built into tablets.

    • The tablet is given to the patient during the in-office visit.
    • The patient is instructed to view the educational content during the office visit. The content is loaded with the right interactive and educational messaging.
    • Additionally, the content is preloaded with interactive patient Q & A. The patient’s answers are tracked producing a receipt showing that the patient was informed and educated properly at the point of diagnosis and during the visit. (The tablet stays in the office)

Diabetes Life Coach Patient Mobile App

At the end of the in-office educational session, the physician can simply prescribe the Diabetes Life Coach mobile app. The app delivers the patient tools for tracking and connection to a certified diabetic coach, making interventions timely and impactful. It’s risk reversal and diabetes management at scale.

Physician Web Portal

We also provide the physician with the Diabetes Life Coach physician integrated web portal so the physician can easily monitor the patient’s progress and outcomes. (This can be integrated to your existing network.)

“Always On” Mobile Interface

The key to staying on track is staying connected. That’s why Diabetes Life Coach delivers personalized, disease-specific plans and automated motivational messages in real time.

Real support from real people

Our diabetic certified coaches provide advice and encouragement throughout the day, giving users a unique, personal support system. Under the direction of their coach, users are also armed with a virtual group of like-minded peers giving them emotional support along the way.

Connected, informed coaches

Diabetes Life Coach’s advanced analytics system powers our coach dashboard, so coaches can connect with the right messages at the right time.


Diabetes Life Coach offers a powerful diabetes prevention platform to reach populations at every risk level. It is designed to be flexible, to meet any size population, and to fit the needs of health plans, ACOs, and other types of healthcare organizations. Diabetes Life Coach provides a preparatory platform that tracks and reactants to the patient’s health data, detecting and responding to relevant interactions within the platform — all in real-time. Our platform personalizes the interactions and results for each patient based on their current health measurements and engagements.

Our robust integration capabilities enable strategic partners to extend their existing offerings and reach.

  • Flexibility
  • Integration
  • Data Insight
  • Scalability

Diabetes Life Coach can be prescribed to your patients in just minutes!


Education is not enough

We all understand following through on a well thought-out and proven care plan is critical to the overall success of the patients’ outcomes. However, education is not enough by itself. It takes constant “in the moment” applications to drive positive behavior change.

Medication can’t work when it is not taken or taken improperly

Diabetes Life Coach has built in a unique medication adherence reminder trigger engine platform that operates inside our mobile app and patient portals. This medication adherence feature is user friendly and is extremely effective for the patient. Additionally, this data provides a snapshot of the patient’s medication adherence for the healthcare provider.

Diabetes Life Coach’s proprietary technology delivers engagement results that matter

The Diabetes Life coach proprietary platform can track and see the patient-participant’s medication adherence in real time, we push those medication adherence analytics back in to the Diabetes Life Coach platform engine. Based on the analytics and data points received our platform engine automatically triggers the right mobile reminders along with the right triggered support lead by our coaches.


Seamless Integration

Diabetes Life Coach is a focused, highly effective solution that seamlessly integrates with your current wellness ecosystem for better communications, participation, engagement, incentives management, and reporting. We help you optimize engagement, improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and generate new revenue.

Proven Experience

We offer a unique combination of personalized coaching, self-monitoring technologies, and an interactive online experience that integrates with mobile devices to fit Members’/Patients’ lives.

Return On Investment Delivered

Diabetes Life Coach clients stay satisfied resulting in meaningful and sustainable results that deliver excellence at every level. Diabetes Life Coach can be prescribed to your patients in just minutes!

Facts And Figures

Providers & Payers


Source: National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014. All ages, 2012 Census Data. National Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Source: National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014. All ages, 2012 Census Data. National Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Source: National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014. All ages, 2012 Census Data. National Center for Disease Control (CDC)

FACT: If these diabetic patients are not taking their medication and following their physician prescribed care plan, their diabetes can get out of control, with a high likelihood of health complications. Some of these complications may grow into an intense diabetic event requiring an emergency room visit or admitting the patient into the hospital. An event such as this affects everyone.


    • $100 billion annually is the estimated economic impact of non-medication-adherence
    • 32 million Americans use three or more medicines daily
    • 75% of adults (50% are chronically ill adults and many of those are diabetic) are non-adherent in one or more ways
    • 40% of the of the patients prescribed a new pharmaceutical medication do not take their first script
(Sources: CDC, US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health)

Improving Quality Measures:

When diabetic patients become more educated on their chronic condition and take a more active role in their own healthcare, it reduces the number of patient intense diabetic events significantly. Additionally, through ongoing education and interaction with a coach the patient’s long-term health improves dramatically. Consistent education and engagement are the keys.

Patient’s Logical Progression To Successful Medication Adherence & Overall Better Health Outcomes:

  • Starting the proper patient education at the point of diagnosis
  • Following a physician prescribed care plan
  • Teaching and reinforcing that the best opportunity to manage your type 2 diabetes and maintain the best possible health for yourself starts with taking you medication
  • Using an intelligent, data-driven technology platform that engages, leads, and supports the patient is critical
  • Collaborating into the patient ethos is fantastic diabetic educators that engage with the patient providing education, motivation, and positive reinforcements
  • Better medication adherence and better overall health outcomes are realized.

A Relationship Built On Trust:

Diabetes Life Coach is engaged with the patient from the point of diagnosis. We are continuously building a positive ongoing relationship that grows through trust and consistent communication. Patients know that we always have their back because we are delivering excellence at every level throughout the patient experience.