For healthcare providers, payers, device manufactures, or pharmaceutical companies who are seeking to improve health outcomes, Diabetes Life Coach is a preparatory technology platform joined together with the personal touch of our Certified Diabetes Educators. This combination working together in timely intelligent concert delivers personalized care that works.

We Deliver Ongoing Quality Care

Building relationships via multiple communication methods — mobile interactions, telehealth engagements, texts, video, emails and more — enables our coaches/clinicians to engage with and educate patients regarding:

  • Their chronic condition
  • Better lifestyle choices
  • Mediation adherence techniques
  • Essential problem solving
  • Behavior and emotional support
  • And much more…

A Relationship Built On Trust

Diabetes Life Coach is engaged with the patient from the point of diagnosis. We are continuously building a positive ongoing relationship that grows through trust and consistent communication. Patients know that we always have their back because we are delivering excellence at every level throughout the patient experience.

How We're Different

How We’re Different

It is all about behavior change: Diabetes Life Coach delivers compelling results and real behavior change not typically found in other solutions.

Diabetes Life Coach is an industry leader in the fields of diabetic education, digital health, technology-driven preventive medicine, and personal health coaching. We are making diabetes lifestyle changes engaging, enjoyable, and achievable, so our patients can live a more active and fulfilling life.

The Diabetes Life Coach solution combines the best of both worlds. It is the benefit of human touch combined with our user-friendly technology. This combination creates productive patient progress and healthier outcomes.

The Diabetes Life Coach coaches/clinicians are all Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs). These behavior change experts specialize in the motivation and education of individuals with diabetes, teaching them how to best manage their condition.

Our coaches/clinicians are all passionate, results based patient motivators who leverage our proprietary technology to empower diabetic patients to improve their health and quality of life.

Diabetes is all we do. Diabetes Life Coach provides best in class technologies along with a coaching-motivational culture focused on what we can accomplish today and where it can lead tomorrow. We are additionally focused on consistently improving the lives of the patients we serve by providing measurable patient education, measurable patient engagement and trackable cost improvements.

The Plan

Our coaches understand that you are unique

Diabetes Life Coach’s  personal accountability, customizable tools, world-class coaching, and educated insight all working together that makes Diabetes Life Coach the most intuitive and effective platform in the market today.

Every time you use the Diabetes Life Coach mobile app and web portal, the data you submit is automatically filtered to your personal Diabetes Life Coach’s dashboard so we know how to best help you. We provide you the best-in-class technology tools and world class coaching to engage with you when you need it most.

Mastering long term lifestyle success is the plan

We come alongside you and engage with you to focus on the first 14 weeks, whichs are critical to your long-term success.

We assist you, gradually helping you master the positive habits you will need to lower your blood sugar, elevate your exercise, and achieve better health. Additionally, we continue to educate you on how to sustain these positive life changing habits.

We start by focusing you in on 4 fundamental stages that are proven to work, no matter where we join you on your journey.

Stage 1: Learning

The first step to sustainable healthy habits is understanding where you are today. While tracking your current routine, we also start establishing the basics of good nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep management, helping target the changes you need to make.

Stage 2: Practicing

Once you understand your current habits that have had a negative effect, it is time to start changing them to positive daily lifestyle applications. To do this, Diabetes Life Coach provides you with established goals, clear ways to reach those goals, as well as motivation and support to help with any challenges along the way.

Stage 3: Advanced Learning

Now that you have put learning into practice, we are going to teach you some new ways to make your routines even stronger. Whether it is new physical activities or new ways of dealing with social situations, your new healthy habits will grow even more routine and become automatic for you.

Stage 4: Mastery

After weeks of learning and practicing all the hurdles you may face, the final step is preparing you to reinforce your new habits for the long haul. By the end, you will be ready to face any situation with the right knowledge, the right attitude, and the right confidence that will help you make the right choices along the way.

Ongoing Support

After you have gone through your 14 weeks and have mastered your methods of success, we are still right here. Anytime you need us, you can call on us to assist you along your journey. We want the best for you always.

Stay Connected

Staying connected means staying successful

We understand it is difficult to stay focused and on track when you are trying something new and learning new skills. We realize that not falling back into bad habits is very important. Diabetes Life Coach’s platform is proven to be successful no matter where or when we join you on your journey. The platform provides you with simple and practical tools along with the world class coaching and support that you will need.

Easy to Follow Tasks

We provide you with a simple to follow daily plan that is clear and easily understood. Starting each day with a customized list of achievable steps to move you closer to your goal.

Insightful Progress Tracking

Throughout the day, you will input what you eat in just seconds thanks to Diabetes Life Coach’s “smart technology platform.” Our smart technology platform allows for many advantages including predictive algorithms, intuitive portion sizes and instant feedback.

Inspiring Feedback

No matter how you’re doing, you’ll get the encouragement and proper motivation you need to stay on track or get back on track.

Personal Support

Whether it’s your personal coach or a group of peers on a similar journey, you’ll be able to lean on others for support, as well as give support to others.

Sign up today! Our Diabetes Prevention Program will help you start turning healthy thoughts into healthy actions. Diabetes Life Coach can be prescribed to your patients in just minutes!